Navigating the Minefields of Employment Law

Employment law is a challenge for many businesses. CLP Solicitors provide practical and comprehensive help to support both employers and employees

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CLP Solicitors provide a comprehensive service for both employers and employees that ranges from drafting employment contracts, dealing with disciplinary hearings and appearing at Employment Tribunals.

We provide a continuity of expert advice and representation that is unparalleled in this field.

What we do for our clients – employers

At CLP solicitors, we provide the complete package for employers. We draft employment contracts, policies and procedures and offer on tap advice for employers dealing with the disciplinary process. Our contracts are bespoke and specifically tailored for your individual business.

We don’t just provide you with a pro forma, but individual contracts that will meet your business needs together with a comprehensive suite of policies and procedures.

We can provide training for you and your Human Resources Department. If you subscribe to our monthly support program, you will have access to an expert employment lawyer at the end of the telephone who will provide you with the guidance and advice that you need on a day to day basis.

We can assist you through the disciplinary process to ensure that your decision and the procedure in reaching your decision, is legally sound. The best way to save money is to prevent Tribunals by ensuring that you get things right.

We provide you with first class advocates to fight your case at any Tribunal. Our in-house experts are well practiced in appearing in Tribunals and will provide a specialist service to you which ensures continuity of service and at a more economical option than instructing a Barrister.

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For Employees

We can provide you with an Executive Rep companion, who can not make representations, ask questions and sum up the case on your behalf in any disciplinary proceedings. This as an invaluable service for employees. We can provide clients with a representative to accompany you to a disciplinary or grievance meeting.

We understand, that any dispute with your employer can be daunting and if you lose your job, the ramifications for you can be immense.We offer a no win no fee service for employees.

Our expert employment team will provide you with a full service from attending a disciplinary hearing, drafting an ET1 and representation at Tribunals.

A complete and reliable legal help and advice service for employers and employees.

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