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CLP Solicitors can offer expert legal advice and advocacy in a wide range of cases. We tailor our service to the unique needs of every client.

About Us

CLP Solicitors is a leading international law firm that provides an outstanding legal service to individuals and businesses across a range of sectors, practice areas and countries. Located in London, we undertake work in international jurisdictions with a particular emphasis on our consistently high profile work in the UK.

CLP Solicitors offers exceptional legal direction, drawing on more than 15 years of front-line legal experience. Our trusted and valued advice is delivered in a forthright and approachable manner so that we build strong, long-lasting partnerships with our clients. We pride ourselves on the quality of our work and on the open accessibility to our team.

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We are passionate about helping our clients achieve their personal and professional goals

About Us

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Who we are

CLP Solicitors are a leading international law firm with outstanding expertise in a number of legal domains.

We specialise in legal domains such as complex fraud, serious and violent crime, confiscation, asset recovery, restraint and forfeiture, extradition, immigration and civil litigation.


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Our values

Our talented team of legal professionals demonstrate an absolute commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity, dedication and trust.

At CLP Solicitors, we constantly strive to develop our knowledge and skills whilst maintaining a robust work ethic.

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What makes us different

We are a client-focussed legal practice and selective in the cases we take on. We offer a personal and dedicated service to all of our clients and pride ourselves in the depth and strength of our legal knowledge, our careful attention to detail and the outstanding value we offer to all.

Why Us?

Expertise and Experience

We combine in-depth knowledge with hands-on experience.

A Bespoke Service

We tailor our approach to every case we take on.

Dedicated to You

We offer every client the very highest standards.

Supportive Team

We are supportive and sensitive in our approach.


We offer high standards at lower costs than big firms.


You can always count on our support and our skills.

Offering expertise in multiple key legal fields