Expertise & Specialisation in Multiple Areas of Law

CLP Solicitors offers expertise in a number of major legal fields, encompassing both the criminal and commercial arenas.

Our Expertise

CLP Solicitors is an outstanding legal practice, which combines a sensitive and highly-tailored approach with the highest standards of legal expertise. We work with all kinds of clients, from individuals to multinational businesses, bringing a unique approach to every case. We have taken part in some extremely high-profile cases, and have been directly involved with establishing precedents that have changed the way the UK’s legal system works.

We have a team of experienced and highly talented solicitors offering expertise in a number of key legal areas including family, commercial, criminal and fraud law.

For more information on the kinds of cases we handle, please have a look through our practices areas. Alternatively, for more personal advice about how our expert, cost-effective legal advice and representation could help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

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Practice Areas

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Commercial Law

Commercial law is complex and varied, involving a number of areas of legal practice. Some industries such as financial services are very heavily regulated, and penalties for breaching the legal responsibilities of these sectors can be severe.

At CLP Solicitors, we have a team of experts able to provide valuable help and advice with all aspects of commercial and business law, including litigation, contract disputes, and tribunals.

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Commercial Property

Our solicitors have the expertise to provide practical advice in relation to all aspects of commercial leases.

Our partner led team will provide you with hands on advice and a service that is prompt and efficient.

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Confiscation & Asset Recovery

If your assets are being frozen or confiscated as part of an investigation, CLP Solicitors has the expertise to help you.

Confiscation and asset recovery matters are often carried out through separate proceedings, rather than as part of the criminal case, complicating matters and allowing them to proceed even if charges are dropped.

CLP Solicitors can help you with both sets of proceedings, and we have a strong track record which includes landmark cases where our successes have changed the legal landscape in this area.

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Criminal And Cyber Fraud

Fraud cases can be complicated and can carry severe sentences. When facing charges of criminal or cyber fraud, it is therefore vital to have sound legal support which includes both clear, jargon-free advice and firm advocacy.

CLP Solicitors can provide a complete and reliable legal support service for all kinds of fraud cases.

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Litigation & Dispute Resolution

Courtroom conflicts can be stressful, costly, and time-consuming. While sometimes they are unavoidable, often there are better ways to resolve a dispute. CLP Solicitors can provide a range of alternative dispute resolution services, such as mediation and arbitration.

In many cases, these represent a faster, easier, and more cost-effective way to reach an agreement that is acceptable to everyone involved.

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Due Diligence

CLP undertakes a wide range of due diligence and business intelligence services for commercial and corporate clients.

Our expert legal team regularly provide effective and practical litigation support in critical cases, where upfront knowledge saves time, money and resources.

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Extradition Proceedings

Cases involving extradition requests require extensive, reliable, and expert legal support. Extradition proceedings can involve international law along with the national laws of multiple jurisdictions.

CLP Solicitors can advise you on your precise situation, support you and your interests at every step, and advise you on whether you can carry out any travel plans safely while your case is ongoing.

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Private Client

Our lawyers have the expertise to provide a full legal service, including tax and wealth structuring, family, and commercial, litigation and property advice.

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Serious & Complex Crime

CLP Solicitors has all the expertise necessary to help with defence in murder and sexual offence cases and other serious or complex crime matters. We offer expert defence and advocacy, an intricate knowledge of relevant legislation, and a sensitive and supportive approach.

When serious criminal charges attract negative media and public backlash, we can also help manage exposure and media coverage.

Why Us?

Expertise and Experience

We combine in-depth knowledge with hands-on experience.

A Bespoke Service

We tailor our approach to every case we take on.

Dedicated to You

We offer every client the very highest standards.

Supportive Team

We are supportive and sensitive in our approach.


We offer high standards at lower costs than big firms.


You can always count on our support and our skills.

Providing practical and accurate legal support to businesses of all sizes

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