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For a broad range of commercial law cases, CLP Solicitors help clients navigatethis complex and challenging legal landscape.

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Whether creating robust contracts, seeking advice on regulatory compliance, or launching litigation against another entity, CLP Solicitors are able to help.

Our team has detailed knowledge of all aspects of commercial law, and can provide expert assistance to companies of all sizes and in all industries.

The Difficulties of Commercial Law

Commercial law is one of the biggest, most complex and wide-ranging areas of the UK’s legal system. It includes things as disparate as contract law, property law, regulatory compliance, fraud and business tort law.

CLP Solicitors represents a diverse selection of business clients, from sole operators to large multinational corporations. Our legal teams have both the expertise and experience needed to provide support in every aspect of business law. Our solicitors can provide accurate and detailed advice to help businesses navigate the complexities of commercial law.

We can also provide dedicated representation and practical assistance with all kinds of business litigation such as breach of contract claims, legal action from individuals, and land registry tribunals.

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Commercial Litigation, Contract Law, and Business Legal Representation

Where breach of contract has occurred, it may not be always possible to resolve matters amicably and informally. Commercial law quite often leads to litigation and a business can find themselves on either side of proceedings. CLP Solicitors is a litigation practice with a team of highly experienced solicitors who specialise in all aspects of commercial law negotiation, arbitration and litigation.

At CLP Solicitors, we pride ourselves in giving each and every one of our clients comprehensive legal guidance, to the highest possible standards.  We provide an efficient and cost-effective support system with almost unparalleled access to our legal expertise.

Providing practical and accurate legal support to businesses of all sizes.

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