Protecting Your Rights in Confiscation Cases

CLP Solicitors’ success record in confiscation and asset recovery cases is outstanding. We have helped define key precedents in this area of law.

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If you have had your assets seized or frozen as a result of a financial investigation, our team can provide expert help and advice.

CLP Solicitors has a strong reputation and a solid track record in confiscation and asset recovery law, and we have helped many clients reach the best possible outcome.

Freezing, Restraining and Confiscation of Assets

The government has a range of tools for confiscating suspected proceeds of crime, or freezing assets it believes are intended for criminal use. This usually happens as soon as an investigation starts, leaving the suspect in a difficult position right from the beginning.

Even if you ultimately do not face a criminal conviction, it’s possible your assets could still be seized because the prosecution often pursues confiscation through separate, civil proceedings. As this is not part of the main investigation, it can continue even if the criminal case against you has been thrown out.

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Dealing with Asset Confiscation

Providing expert legal advice and representation in this area of the law is a specialism of CLP Solicitors. Our highly-experienced legal team has an excellent track record of assisting those who have had their assets frozen or seized as part of an investigation.

By providing expert advice and robust representation, we help our clients reach the best possible outcome. We were the solicitors in the landmark confiscation case of R v Waya, in which we played a direct role in changing the way that the courts handle this area of the law.

The case progressed to the Supreme Court, where the judgement stressed that courts must take certain provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights into account and put greater emphasis on proportionality when making a confiscation order. Our dedication to our clients and our success in advocating for their interests led to CLP Solicitors being labelled “the firm that put a human face to confiscation law.”

Protecting your interests and upholding fairness in asset recovery cases

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