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At CLP Solicitors, we undertake a wide range of due diligence and business intelligence services for commercial and corporate clients.

Business and corporate intelligence is more important today that at any other time in history. Every year literally hundreds of millions of dollars are lost globally as a result of the simple failure to carry out the required levels of due diligence.

Whatever the aims of your business, be they, business acquisition, reducing the risk of fraud, valuable data acquisition, or the analysis and interpretation of data, it is vital that the correct precautionary measures are taken prior to critical decision making in todays competitive global market place.

At CLP our team of business intelligence experts have many proven years experience in this specialist business arena. Our dedicated in-house team, also have extensive links with overseas agencies and we are in position to undertake due diligence work across the world, providing a concentrated, focused and commercial approach to evidenced based decision making.

When engaging in business transactions even with companies and individuals with whom you are familiar, there is always an associated element of risk and as such effective due diligence is an essential component to implemented by all companies.

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Pre-emptive due diligence assists clients to identify, understand and make contingencies for pending business transactions which may range from simple investments to complicated, IPO’s or mergers and acquisitions.

Post-transactional due diligence assists clients that have lost money or experienced problems, to understand and identify the mistakes made so that they can be eliminated going forward.

Some of the key areas of our due diligence include: Internet research and investigations, Risk management, Financial assessments, Market intelligence, human sourced intelligence, staff and supplier vetting and asset tracing and recovery.

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