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CLP Solicitors provide a sensitive, supportive and all-encompassing approach to defence against serious and complex charges.

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If you have been accused of a serious crime, or become the subject of a complex and difficult criminal investigation, CLP Solicitors can help.

Our solicitors have experience with handling both difficult and serious cases with the kind of sensitivity, fierce advocacy, and precise grasp of the law that these kinds of proceedings demand.

Serious and Complex Criminal Cases

Serious and complex offences, such as murder, sexual offences, and certain drug crimes are among the most challenging for all involved. For defendants, such cases carry the prospect of heavy sentences, the need to navigate complicated legal proceedings, as well as the threat of negative media coverage.

Our legal team are experienced with handling such situations with the utmost care, sensitivity and support. This includes guiding our clients through the entire legal process, explaining each stage with the minimum of jargon, managing the media, fighting hard to establish our clients’ innocence or indeed, working to ensure that all mitigating factors are considered before sentencing is passed.

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Dealing With Severe or Complicated Charges

If you are being charged with a serious or complex crime, it is important to get expert legal help. At CLP Solicitors, we specialise in providing our clients with the legal advice and support they need. Our solicitors have experience dealing with highly complex cases, and we have successfully handled high profile criminal defence trials which have received significant media coverage.

In some of our cases, our expert legal team have established precedents and brought about judgements that have changed the way the UK’s legal system operates when handling certain kinds of complex or serious cases.

Our solicitors provide support and guidance to all of our clients, however they intend to plead. And, we provide fierce advocacy in the courtroom, and at every stage of the proceedings, in order to bring about the best possible outcome.

To review some examples of previous serious and complex cases we have worked on, please take a look at our Notable Cases page. Alternatively, to find out more about the services we offer or to discuss any charges you might be facing at present, please contact us directly.

Clear guidance and support, combined with a fierce and comprehensive defence.

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