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1. Balazs Asztaslos v Hungary 2010 EWHC (2007) Kingston Crown Court (Media case)

Extradition Appeal. EAW issued for conducting a criminal prosecution, rather than merely questioning.

2. Moulai v France 2009 UKHL

House of Lords case concerning appeal notices, discretionary power, late service and time limits.

3. Kestutus Martuzevicius v United Kingdom- ECHR- Appilant no 13566/13

Rule 39 stay granted, UK cannot extradite to Luthuania pending hearing before the full court.

4. Targosinsui v Poland 2011 EWHC 312 (Admin)

Overturned established authority such that a DJ cannot refuse to hear evidence at first instance and must conduct a proper enquiry into any Human Rights arguments under s21 of the Extradition Act 2003.

5. Mucelli v Albania, Moulai v Deputy Prosecutor of Creteil (2009) UKHL 2

Acted for Mr. Moulai. The judicial authority failed in their appeal to the High Court in Moulai v Deputy Prosecutor of Creteil (2008) 1 W.L.R. 2460 which successfully overturned established authority on the jurisdiction of the High Court to hear appeals where there has been a failure on the part of the appellant to serve the appeal notice in time.

6. Asztalos v Hungary – Supreme Court

The leading case on the extradition requests made for an alleged improper purpose.

7. IA v Lithuania – Supreme Court

Concerning the Article 3, 4 and 8 rights of a victim of people trafficking.

8. McKenzie v Spain (2008) EWHC 3187 (Admin)

Successful challenge in the Divisional Court of the High Court to the findings of fact of the District Judge and permission granted to adduce fresh evidence.

9. Kalonwski v Poland (2009) EWHC 1509 (Admin)

In the Divisional Court of the High Court; appellant granted 6 month postponement to extradition order due to his serious heart condition.

10. Rozakmans v Latvia (2010) EWHC 3500 (Admin)

Drink driving conviction failed the duel criminality test and was discharged.

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