Protecting Your Rights in Cases of Serious Crime

CLP Solicitors’ success record in cases of serious crime is outstanding. We have helped define key precedents in this area of law.

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Notable Cases

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Please contact our legal team for more information on any of the cases listed below.

1. R V Ulcay [2008] 1 Cr.App.R. 360

Represented one of five defendants prosecuted for “people smuggling” of individuals from across Europe via Germany.

2. R v Hadley

Represented one of 9 defendants prosecuted for Europe’s largest cannabis cultivation operation

3. Troy Naylor

Defended one of several defendants involved in one of the country’s biggest boiler room frauds.

4. Al Hassan

Rpresented oil business man who was prosecuted for breaking the United Nation’s Resolutions and the UN oil for food programme to Iraq.

5. R v Bhiki

Represented a defendant in an international conspiracy to facilitate illegal entry into the UK.

6. R V Garip

Represented a defendant in a multi-jurisdictional multi-handed case involving industrial scale production and shipment of drugs.

7. R v Singh

Represented a defendant in a multi-handed kidnapping for ransom, blackmail and false imprisonment.

8. R v Hassan Omar

Represented a defendant charged with rape.

9. R v Begun

Represented a defendant charged with death by dangerous driving.

10. R v Kanji and Sina

Represented two defendants in a five handed group sexual assault case.

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